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Meta Ads: advertising on social networks

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    You are looking for an experienced agency that can implement excellent advertising and conduct successful campaigns. Our professional team has many years of experience in advertising Facebook, Intgram, TikTok. You can trust our professionalism and focus your time on what your business needs most.


    Provides the maximum number of reporting materials, tracking the effectiveness of advertising. Optimize advertising campaigns for customer needs to increase your profits. Our team takes care of every aspect of advertising campaigns while you work on your business.


    We fully unleash the potential of your budget and make sure that your money is spent in the right direction. We optimize your advertising campaigns and transform them into successful ones for maximum return on your investment.


    Develop ads that grab your audience's attention and turn a potential user into your customer. Given your wishes, you get a profit and recognition.

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      Stages of Work: Advertising on Social Networks

      1. Planning an advertising campaign

      To create successful advertising we need to know everything about your brand and advertising goals.

      Our team will work to find the right target audience. Create ads (photos, videos and texts) that are best for your brand.

      After that, we summarize the plan of successful actions.

      2. Development of advertising on Facebook and Instagram

      The next step will be the development of your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

      The MBR team creates an ad that best describes your brand. We will run successful campaigns that will attract the attention and interest of your audience.

      Before launching, you will have the opportunity to agree on all the details of your campaign.

      3. Optimization of the advertising campaign

      At this point, our agency will track the progress of your ads.

      We will be able to distinguish between high-performing and low-performing advertising. Accordingly, our professional team will work to optimize the selected ads to achieve the best results.

      4. Monitoring Facebook, Instagram

      As you work on the future goals of your business, our team will monitor your ads.

      By constantly tracking your ads, we’ll minimize the number of errors and increase your ad performance over time.

      5. Reporting on Facebook, Instagram

      Our digital agency MBR presents an extended report every month. In this report, you will have the opportunity to read about the status of your advertising campaign.

      They are detailed enough, so we can also consult weekly to make sure we are moving in the right direction.

      You will know what your money is spent on

      Convenient And Clear Reporting

      Packages Services

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      • Базовий
      • Стандарт
      • Преміум
      SERVICES БазовийСтандартПреміум
      /на місяць
      /на місяць
      /на місяць
      Competitors analysis
      Design of publications, development of style of stories and HighlightsЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Branded templates, layout in InstagramЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Creating a content plan; Posts4-8 на місяць11-14 на місяць14-20 на місяць
      Stories20-40 на місяць40-60 на місяць
      Holding competitions and promotions1-2 на місяцьДо 3 на місяць
      Page administration
      Free distribution for the target audience40-55 (залежить від активних пабліків)55-80 (залежить від активних пабліків)
      Selection of bloggers/publics for dissemination of informationДо 5 на місяцьДо 10 на місяць
      Create a video to advertise the page's subscribers
      Launch of advertising campaignsДо 3 на місяцьДо 5 на місяць
      Guaranteed increase in interaction with posts
      Creating advertising creatives and offersДо 9 на місяцьДо 15 на місяць
      Creating a brand promotion strategy
      Installing a Pixel counter on the site
      Facebook store settings and Instagram tags
      Videos for stories
      Photo content processing
      Video drone
      Video editing (commercials)За домовленістюЗа домовленістю
      Reporting, analysis, optimization
      Delegation of access
      Замовити консультаціюЗамовити консультаціюЗамовити консультацію

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      Frequent Questions

      Answers to the most common questions about Facebook advertising

      Why run ads on Facebook and Instagram?

      Facebook, Instagram – the leading social networks with a huge database of active users. Thus, advertising on social networks allows you to reach a wider target audience, finds potential customers who are interested in your product. In addition, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is quite cheap.

      Is my target audience on social media?

      More than four billion active social network users who are online for more than 40 minutes a day.

      Every business smears its customers on social networks, even if the audience is underrepresented. All you need to do is develop a good targeting strategy: geolocation, interests, age, gender of the audience and this is not all the possibilities of detailing the search for the audience.

      How much is advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok?

      Advertising costs can start with a small budget. You can reach up to a thousand people for only $ 5-10.

      The minimum budget you can use is $ 1 per day. Although making the most of your budget depends on your marketing strategy.

      Is it possible to advertise a campaign on Instagram and Facebook separately?

      Yes, you can run different campaigns on the same social networking platform. Meta (Facebook, Instagram) is one of the best platforms for advertising because it provides us with a wide audience.

      However, depending on your business and your goals, you can run ads on any social network that will bring you the best results.

      What are the services of an advertising agency?

      The services of our digital agency MBR include:

      • marketing strategy of advertising companies
      • an assessment of the individual strategy that best suits your needs
      • Ad development
      • Create great and unique content for your advertising campaign
      • Increasing the number of interested subscribers, expanding the coverage of your content and attracting more people to your Facebook account, Instagram
      • Advertising monitoring
      • Optimization of low-performing campaigns and their monitoring
      • Management reports – extended reporting with all the necessary and important information on the launched campaigns on social networks.
      • Communication and improvement.

      Everything for the development of your project.

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