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    Millions of koristuvachiv search for information from the Google search system. By placing ads on the first pages of the search - you take the maximum efficiency from your web resource.

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    Proper adjustment and optimization of the advertising campaign - give you a high rating and low rates of payment for advertising. Turn around - you know how to increase profits, changing your spending on the advertising budget.

    Competitive advantage

    Competing docks are less likely to disrupt as they increase traffic. You will take the maximum number of clients out of the species. Optimized campaigns will require less vitrate and more reliable. Expand opportunities and develop business with us.

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      How do I access our PPC promotions?

      Competition analysis

      A complete analysis of the services and products you offer as a business, and a thorough comparison with your leading competitors. Find the main potential competitors based on your location and determine their strategies based on the effectiveness of their advertising on PPC. Setting new goals based on analysis reports, choosing the right budget, and setting the right price targets for a potential customer.

      Individual ads - centralized data

      We analyze the most valuable keywords with the help of our professional tools and find out how your target audience is looking for the necessary products and services offered by your business on the Internet. Create quality advertising in line with future goals to increase efficiency, more traffic, and better revenue based on the most effective PPC ads. Test all copies of ads and a variety of ads for maximum efficiency and guaranteed return on investment. Learn about the effectiveness of your most popular competitors’ most successful advertising campaigns – detailed reports that will be included to improve your strategy.

      PPC monitoring

      Constantly monitor the positioning of your PPC ads from all campaigns and compare in real time with our goals based on current positioning and performance. In line with our clickthrough rate, we are constantly optimizing your strategy to maximize your conversions. We constantly monitor all traffic, we are interested in calls and sales that your business will receive through the advertising campaign. This way we know which strategy works best and which needs further optimization. Focus on accelerating revenue from each PPC advertising campaign.

      PPC campaign management

      We constantly manage our campaign and optimize all options for the best keyword bid based on our research. Track your search query for the most valuable keyword and adjust your bids. Update with your current and average positioning, CTR and CPC. We create new opportunities to further optimize your campaign based on reports, tracking, and your weaknesses.

      PPC advertising - several platforms

      We provide professional PPC advertising services if you want to advertise on all types of social networks. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and anything else you can think of. Create great opportunities for advertising campaigns on YouTube. Manage and manage your Google Ads campaign professionally with a focus on PPC.

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      • Преміум
      SERVICES БазовийСтандартПреміум
      /на місяць
      /на місяць
      /на місяць
      Competitors analysis
      Design of publications, development of style of stories and HighlightsЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Branded templates, layout in InstagramЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Creating a content plan. Posts4-8 на місяць11-14 на місяць14-20 на місяць
      Stories20-40 на місяць40-60 на місяць
      Holding competitions and promotions1-2 на місяцьДо 3 на місяць
      Page administration
      Free distribution for the target audience40-55 (залежить від активних пабліків)55-80 (залежить від активних пабліків)
      Selection of bloggers / publics for dissemination of informationДо 5 на місяцьДо 10 на місяць
      Create a video to advertise the page's subscribers
      Launch of advertising campaignsДо 3 на місяцьДо 5 на місяць
      Guaranteed increase in interaction with posts
      Creating advertising creatives and offersДо 9 на місяцьДо 15 на місяць
      Creating a brand promotion strategy
      Installing a Pixel counter on the site
      Facebook store settings and Instagram tags
      Video recording for storis
      Photo content processing
      Video drone
      Video editing (commercials)За домовленістюЗа домовленістю
      Reporting, analysis, optimization
      Delegation of access
      Замовити консультаціюЗамовити консультаціюЗамовити консультацію

      Extensive site audit with recommendations

      We conduct a detailed audit based on modern search engine requirements. Step-by-step audit of technical, search, content, UX, analysis of competitors. Under each of the blocks we supplement with recommendations for site optimization.

      Проверка подрядчика

      You are promoting the project, but do not notice any improvements. The MBR team of experts provides a service to verify the contractor's work. Represents your company in technical discussions, monitoring the activities of seo-specialist and security, external and internal optimization of your website.

      Frequent Questions

      Answers to frequently asked questions about advertising on Google platforms

      How long will it take me to see PPC ad results?

      The results can be obtained the next day. Although that’s not all you need to focus on. The most important factor is knowing how to turn this quick result into long-term growth of your business. Here our team enters the game.

      What is a proper PPC budget?

      Only you decide the budget, but based on the goals you present to our team, we can create different proposals that can give different results.

      Do you work only on long-term orders?

      No, we work for you until you need help. The moment you decide to terminate our cooperation, we will charge you only the current work, nothing more. You are always happy to cooperate with us again.

      Who will become the owner of advertising creatives after our cooperation?

      The sole owner of all works is our client. At all times, about 99.9% of all. We are the only team that will help you get the results you need through the professional management of your PPC advertising.

      I don't use Google Ads at this time, can it help my business?

      The benefits of Google ads are that your website and business appear above Google search results. As users try to find specific services and products based on the keywords we choose to work with your marketing campaign, your address appears at the top as the number one result. After all, we all visit the top pages, and if we find what we were looking for, we stay. Now, without using Google Ads, your website will appear in the search engine on the current page. You won’t have these benefits, your traffic will be lower compared to Google advertising, and of course your revenue and conversions will be lower. Oh, and if you can’t do it yourself, we’ll be happy to help!

      You only offer Google Ad Management, can you help me with other platforms?

      We can help you manage all types of online marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking for ad management on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. You can contact us at any time to learn about great plans and solutions we can offer to increase the visibility of your website on the Internet.

      Do you provide verification keywords before using them in my campaign?

      It depends on your preferences. If you want to rely on us 100% and do not want to worry about our work process and decisions, and focus only on the results, we will send you only detailed reports. But if you want to be aware of the keywords, efficiency, daily information and stages of your project, we will definitely provide you with all the necessary information for review.

      Why do I need Google advertising services when I'm already on Google search engines?

      You may appear on the first page, but do you appear in the first place? Even if you are second or third, you lose more than 50% of your attention. You can also appear in the first place based on a keyword, but with Google ads you can appear in the first place with different keywords of your choice, while having maximum coverage.