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    Knowing how important your business is to you, we treat it as our own. We strive only for the best work and the best results, always giving the maximum. No matter how hard you work, you will end up with the best search engine rankings on your website.

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    The most important thing for any business and website is to be on top and stay on top. This is what we do, we analyze all your competitors and do keyword research for them to then use it to your advantage. Our SEO specialist will provide complete optimization of your site for all modern search engines.

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    Whether you have a small website or a large one, our prices are affordable for all our customers. The goal of the MBR digital agency is to help all of our clients reach their full potential online through their websites. With the most competitive prices for website development, we strive to build the best reputation as an SEO company.

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      What is Included in the SEO Service?

      1. Competition research
      • Before you start working with unique content for your website, we conduct an in-depth study of each important competitor to see which positions you will occupy in a particular way.
      • We explore the type of market where you intend to grow by analyzing the most important keywords and optimizing the content related to your products and services.
      • We set goals for your positions before and after working with your website to compare results and see improvements.
      • Unlike some competitors who want to manipulate search engines to increase their rankings, we never use spam content.
      2. Website content optimization
      • Optimizing content for your website is a very important step in SEO. Our SEO copywriters are the best authors when it comes to creating and writing unique content.
      • Unlike other companies, we do not use ready-made templates to complete work faster. Each content we create will be 100% original and perfectly optimized for SEO and readability.
      • We’ll run tests to make sure our tone of voice is perfect for readers to make the best impression. “
      3. Website coding optimization
      • We work hard to optimize the speed and security of your website.
      • Be sure to optimize the website for all devices so that it is also 100% supported on mobile devices.
      • We track traffic data with powerful and accurate tools such as Google Analytics.
      • We optimize your old pages to improve their search engine visibility and improve traffic. We create new ones to expand relevant search queries.
      4. Create the best user experience
      • Focus on your chosen audience and write very valuable content about the products and services you offer.
      • This step aims to improve the visibility of your website in search results, as well as help your customers find your products and services faster.
      • Use high quality videos and photos to best optimize your website with SEO.
      • Creating an optimized description of goods and services.
      5. Local SEO
      • Create a reliable and perfectly optimized profile on local help resources to help your business or website get more traffic and local customers.
      • We optimize other directory platforms by providing your contact information, links to the site, to help people contact you faster.
      • Audit old links to your web resource and create new sources on the Internet.
      • Create a social media account on Facebook and Instagram or optimize old ones to provide even better results when it comes to increasing your sales.
      • Build the best reputation on the web by creating backlinks.
      6. Detailed reports
      • We provide you with detailed reports from Google Analytics at the end of each week or at the end of each month.
      • Reports with the smallest details about your campaign based on additional statistical platforms.
      • We track each security update and focus on the security of your site by analyzing the issuance, the Google’s penalties that your website may receive.
      7. SEO campaign optimization
      • We analyze the ranking of your most important keywords, organic traffic from search engines.
      • We research the ranking by keywords of your leading competitors.
      • We always follow the four best competitors.
      • We focus on improving the SEO campaign every day.

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      /per month
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      Site audit
      Collecting the semantic coreCollection of up to 1000 search queriesCollection of up to 10 000 search queriesCollection of up to 10 000 search queries
      Internal optimization
      External optimization
      Site content, formation of landing pages.By appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment
      CopywritingBy appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment
      RewriteBy appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment
      UX improvement based on behavioral factors
      Programming: addition of functionality, correction of technical errorsBy appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment
      Software tracking and control settings
      Working with Search Console
      Work report and recommendations

      Extensive site audit with recommendations

      We conduct a detailed audit based on modern search engine requirements. Step-by-step audit of technical, search, content, UX, analysis of competitors. Under each of the blocks we supplement with recommendations for site optimization. We conduct a detailed audit based on modern search engine requirements. Step-by-step audit of technical, search, content, UX, analysis of competitors. Under each of the blocks we supplement with recommendations for site optimization.

      Contractor inspection

      You are promoting the project, but do not notice any improvements. The MBR team of experts provides a service to verify the contractor's work. Represents your company in technical discussions, monitoring the activities of seo-specialist and security, external and internal optimization of your website.

      Other Services

      Other areas of our activity


      Site content

      Filling the site is an important process, the search engine and site visitors monitor the sowing update. Order tests that increase search rank and customer credibility. Filling stability is the key to scaling.


      Reputation in the network is very important when choosing a company. We offer a service of tracking and building positive feedback about you and your company.

      Frequent Questions

      Answers to the most common questions about SEO-optimization

      What is SEO?

      SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is a service that allows your website to rank higher in the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. An SEO expert works to increase the visibility of your website and optimize all the pages of your site to have better web traffic and better revenue.

      Why should I hire SEO for my website?

      You need to hire SEO for better visibility, better monitoring and better income online. At the end of each month, you will see improvements that you would never have been able to achieve without the help of an SEO expert.

      What is a return on investment?

      Return on investment, or ROI, is one of the main reasons why you need to hire an SEO expert. They may be a little expensive at first, but they always provide the fastest return on investment and cover costs.

      What is an e-commerce website?

      An e-commerce website is a form of trade and sale of goods over the Internet. In addition to trade and sales, it also covers part of the payment between the two parts. To put it simply, any website that sells products online can be called e-commerce.

      Do I really beed SEO for digital marketing?

      Yes, we offer digital marketing services for all types of social networks. Thanks to a professional social media marketing team, we can find innovative solutions, digital marketing hashtags and strategies that will not only improve your social media, but also outpace the biggest potential competitor.

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