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    We work quickly and efficiently

    We do not spend time on processes that slow down development, from the first contact to us: we develop a strategy, layout, technical capacity. We focus on creating the most efficient development process to always implement a project ahead of schedule.

    We keep our promises

    What we say will be done. Correctness is what we think is the most important step in the whole process. Therefore, everything promised when contacting us will be successfully fulfilled. Mutual trust is important for both parties because our goals are the same.

    Innovative solutions

    Our development team never copies others or does what thousands have done before. Offering new modern solutions and innovative ideas to our customers - we always evaluate the target audience and convert it into a buyer or customer for the customer. We strive to change this industry for the better!

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    Website Development Steps

    1. Planning of stages of works

    The first meeting should be busy! We do not waste time and immediately start filling out the brief, site requirements, discuss the expectations of the site audience, fill with technical capabilities and set a launch date. We conclude a contract.

    2. Site layout

    We develop on the basis of the strategy the appearance of the site, the location of the main blocks, technical capabilities, implementation of forms and contacts. We approve the internal functionality of the site for further work of the content manager. Binding and adaptation to other platforms: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Instagram. Implementation of data upload to marketplaces: Rozetka, Prom, Epicentr, AlliExpres, Amazon, etc.

    3. Development for filling

    Stage of implementation of the step-by-step plan. We embody the above discussed into reality. At this stage, we consult about improved functionality, UX, etc. We fill the site with content, add descriptions – all according to the approved plan.

    4. Project testing

    We test the functionality. At the request of the customer we test the site, organizing a focus group of the target audience of the project. We make results after testing and implement the addition of additions, changes in the design or functionality of the site.

    5. Making changes

    Based on the research, we make changes to the project. We configure site analytics to track the necessary data. We open and invite search engines to the site for indexing, speed up the process of getting the site into the search engine. Additionally, we test all the functionalities of the site approved by the customer.

    6. Transfer of the project

    After approval of all changes to the site, we transfer all access to the control panel of the site, hosting and other property rights for the customer. We sign the Acts of work performed. We are launching a new perfect site!

    We provide recommendations for further work with the site

    Step-by-step recommendation checklist for the development and promotion of your business on the Internet

    Packages Services

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    • Standart
    • Premium
    SERVICES LandingStandartPremium
    /per month
    /per month
    /3-6 month
    Writing a brief and project development strategy
    Choosing a Site Management System (CMS)
    Development of site specifications
    Development of the site layout
    Installation of the administrative panel to manage the site
    Adaptive layout for different types of devices
    Connection or registration Hosting/ Domain
    Installation of the protection protocol
    Filling the site with materials provided by the customerBased on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Content collection based on development strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Application forms (collection of contact data of leads)
    Pop-up windows, widgets, animation on the site, etc.Based on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Connecting the functionality of product orders: basket, discounts, currency.
    Connection of payment systems PayPal, LiqPay, etc.Based on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Online chatBased on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Creating a galleryBased on the strategyBased on the strategyBased on the strategy
    Filling with goodsBased on the strategyBy appointmentBy appointment
    Writing texts for the siteBy appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment
    Setting up integrations with marketplaces: Prom, Rozetka, Epicentr, etc.By appointment
    Integration with Meta Facebook commerce managerBy appointment
    Facebook Pixel ConnectionBy appointmentBy appointmentBased on the strategy
    Google Analytics connectionBy appointmentBy appointmentBased on the strategy
    Connection Search consoleBy appointmentBy appointmentBased on the strategy
    Transfer of access to the administrative panel of the site, hosting, domain, analytics accounts
    Learning to work with the siteBy appointmentBy appointmentBy appointment

    Site support

    Filling the finished site with the provided content. Adding goods, articles, developing new landing pages on the site.

    Improving the site according to the requirements of the modern consumer. Support and addition of functionality: installation of plug-ins, modules, development under the project. Modernization of site administrations, updating of cms systems WordPress, OpenCart, etc.

    Modern and functional site is a success of your company, we help to grow your business!

    Warranty Service

    Support for security and life of the resource.

    Crisis resolution with hosting, previous developers. Advising on resolving disputes regarding the ownership of the site.

    Presentation of the site on behalf of the customer in technical dialogues with hosting companies, domain name registrars.

    With us you will be sure that you did your best for your project!

    Frequent Questions

    Answers to the most common web development questions

    What is the price of site development?

    Cost from $ 200 – depends on the number of pages, functionality, design, readiness of site content, requirements for integration with marketplaces, social networks, chatbots. From a simple to a megafunctional site – our MBR team works with different areas: automotive, multifunctional online stores with the integration of marketplaces,

    How to choose the best website development company?

    Think about your goals and look for them in every company you turn to. If they offer what you are looking for, and have relevant experience and development knowledge, then why not? Effective companies have a clear work plan and deadlines, responsibility for the project.

    Who will own the intellectual property rights after the development of the site?

    Our clients are the sole owners of the projects we execute. We sign an official contract, where we prescribe all points of the right of transfer.

    How to quickly make a website?

    It all depends on the complexity and functionality of the project. Development can take from 1 week to several months. At the start stage, we talk about the time-consuming nature of each project.

    Do you take samples from ready-made templates?

    If you want us to take samples from a ready-made template, we will do it.

    What is adaptive web design?

    Responsive web design means that your website will be 100% supported on every device or platform. The goal is to create something that is 100% original for mobile phones, tablets and any other device that uses the Internet.

    Will the site be SEO-friendly?

    Yes, our designed websites are very compatible with search engine optimization (SEO). After all, in pre-launch testing, we also check the functionality for further optimization of the site to search engines.

    Can you install WordPress themes on my host / server?

    Yes, we can install WordPress themes on any host or server that you like. We only need information about your hosting / server, and it will be ready as soon as possible.

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