SMM. Maintaining social networks

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SMM: promotion in social media

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    A team is working on the project to improve the result. In turn, payment is made for the service provided, not separately for the person. You are investing profitably in your own business.


    The company employs specialists with experience of practical application of SMM skills from 2 years, who have undergone special training and have the appropriate certificates.


    Cooperation is not subject to disclosure. Only with the consent of the customer, the contractor can demonstrate the project as a model. No disclosure of static data, income and other information received.


    Control over the number of reactions, comments, messages, growth of subscribers, coverage and interaction with the audience. Analysis of the work done, adjustment of the plan for the next month.

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      Stages of Work in the Field of SMM

      1. Development of a step-by-step work plan.

      First, the goals of promoting a brand or company in social networks are determined.

      The second step is to draw up cooperation documentation.

      The performer conducts a competitor analysis for an initial understanding of the niche and the content to be shown to the audience. Points of contact with the audience are analyzed, which can be additionally used through social networks.

      For effective and prompt communication, a chat is created in a convenient messenger for both parties. In the chat, the customer assigns a responsible person for communication with the assigned specialist. The responsible person will approve all content that will be posted on the company’s social media pages.

      If there are additional materials about the company, the niche that will be promoted in the network, get them from the customer/responsible person for a more detailed review.

      It is mandatory to write a digital strategy with the head of the company and the sales department.

      Drawing up an action plan for a month/three months with deadlines. Approval of the plan with the manager/responsible person.

      2. Selection of promotion tactics

      When choosing promotion tactics for a specialist SMM, it is important to communicate with a qualified and knowledgeable employee, preferably from the sales department. Because it is the sales manager who will be able to qualitatively and clearly tell about the pains and problems with which the client applies.

      Based on the conversation, an action plan is formed on how to communicate with the audience, what values of the company, product, and services to convey to the target audience (hereinafter – CA).

      3. Preparation and filling of pages.

      If there are pages in social networks, the specialist conducts their audit for the correctness of filling out information and indicators. And also finds out who owns the page and gets “administrator” access to Business Manager Meta.

      In the absence of pages on SMM social networks, the specialist conducts a short briefing to obtain information that must be filled in on the pages. Develops pages, fills the page with contact information.

      The next stage is the development of stylistics for social networks according to the brand book. In the absence of minimal development of stylistics, due to the need for a logo.

      4. Content development

      The SMM specialist familiarizes himself with the content provided by the customer, conducts a strategy analysis with the manager and the sales department, and begins to develop a content plan for publications and stories per month. At the same time, if the customer does not have a brand book or a single style in social networks, the process of developing stylistics for publications, videos, and stories begins. Agreement with the customer or authorized persons about arrival for taking photos and video content for social networks.

      The content plan, proposed elements or presets for stylistics are approved by the customer or an authorized person from the customer. After SMM approval, the specialist develops posts with photos within 2-3 days, which he sends to the chat for approval.

      When creating a new page for a brand, mandatory filling of at least 9 posts in the first few days to fill the page.

      5. Distribution: free, cooperation with bloggers/publics

      To increase recognition and increase the audience on the Facebook page, the SMM specialist uses the method of distribution in free, thematic, local, all-Ukrainian groups. The number of distributions will correspond to the selected service package. Distributions come from a specially created fan of the brand.

      Instagram will use the method of cooperation with the public and bloggers for organic growth of the audience. To do this, the SMM specialist first analyzes selected publics or bloggers with the help of independent services, and also receives from the performers information about their audience and indicators of coverage, interaction with the account. You will also find out the cost of accommodation services. If the data of the independent service and the public/blogger match, submits the format and text for placement to the customer for approval.

      After posting, the public/blogger must provide statistical information about the advertised product, service, or personal brand. Statistical information includes – reach, interaction, clicking on the link, clicking on the stickers, saving the post and information about the audience – age, gender, cities, countries from which the public/blogger is viewed. The specialist agrees on the provision of static SMM data immediately before the start of cooperation.

      6. Advertising

      Before launching the SMM advertisement, the specialist writes a short brief with the customer. In which, first of all, the purpose of the advertisement is determined. Next, the cities and countries for which the settings will be made are determined. The potential audience of the customer is indicated – age, gender, interests. The budget is outlined separately, which includes a 20% advertising tax from the total cost of advertising. The format of the announcement is determined – video, photo, collage, as well as the main accents in the text.

      After filling out the brief, the target expert develops from 2 ads, which include texts and creatives. The developed files are sent to the customer for approval.

      Only after approval, the specialist begins to adjust and immediately optimize the advertisement.

      During the operation of the advertising company, the targetologist analyzes the effectiveness of various groups of ads and ads, if there is a high price for the targeted action and with the consent of the customer, a certain group of ads can be turned off to save money and optimize the advertising company.

      After the completion of the advertising campaign, the specialist submits an extended report to the customer, in which he prescribes all advertising indicators, which are confirmed by screenshots from the advertising cabinet.

      7. Reporting. Evaluation of results.

      Every month, the SMM specialist reports on the work performed by the customer or an authorized person. A report is compiled that includes: the number of published posts, the number of messages received on pages, the number of shares, reach, interaction, page views and its attendance. After compiling the report, the performer analyzes the topics of the posts, stories that the audience liked the most, evaluates their results and prescribes an action plan, a content plan for the next month. Coordinates actions and content for the next month with the customer or an authorized person and starts work.

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      Competitors analysis
      Design of publications, development of style of stories and HighlightsЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Branded templates, layout in InstagramЗа домовленністю (від 300 грн)
      Creating a content plan; Posts4-8 на місяць11-14 на місяць14-20 на місяць
      Stories20-40 на місяць40-60 на місяць
      Holding competitions and promotions1-2 на місяцьДо 3 на місяць
      Page administration
      Free distribution for the target audience40-55 (залежить від активних пабліків)55-80 (залежить від активних пабліків)
      Selection of bloggers/publics for dissemination of informationДо 5 на місяцьДо 10 на місяць
      Create a video to advertise the page's subscribers
      Launch of advertising campaignsДо 3 на місяцьДо 5 на місяць
      Guaranteed increase in interaction with posts
      Creating advertising creatives and offersДо 9 на місяцьДо 15 на місяць
      Creating a brand promotion strategy
      Installing a Pixel counter on the site
      Facebook store settings and Instagram tags
      Videos for stories
      Photo content processing
      Video drone
      Video editing (commercials)За домовленістюЗа домовленістю
      Reporting, analysis, optimization
      Delegation of access
      Need ConsultationЗамовити консультаціюNeed Consultation

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      Frequent Questions

      Answers to the most common SMM questions

      What are SMM services?

      This is the maintenance of brand pages, profiles of opinion leaders, politicians in social networks – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. This is a constant and stable posting of posts, stories for the potential audience of the customer.

      What is an SMM strategy?

      A document that defines the purpose of the company’s promotion in social networks. Because for each goal, promotion tactics and tasks are chosen. The SMM strategy defines the brand’s target audience, interests, socio-demographic criteria, and the location of the target audience. Platforms for interaction with the CA are chosen, priority topics for priority coverage are determined.

      What is SMM promotion?

      Application of the possibilities of social networks to popularize the brand, company, person and solve other business tasks. Communicating the values of the company, product, service to a wider range of users. Increasing the level of trust of the audience in the brand.

      What does SMM promotion include?

      Depends on the selected package. In general, SMM promotion includes, first of all, the formation of a strategy and tactics for the promotion of pages in social networks, the development of new/audit existing pages, the collection of photo and video content or its own creation. Formation of a single style, content plan for posts and stories. Writing texts, designing stories, applying the method of organic distribution. Monthly reporting to the customer and analysis of the work performed. Planning for next month.

      Who is suitable and needs SMM promotion?

      SMM promotion is suitable for absolutely all niches, the main thing is to know the target audience of the company and brand. It is necessary to develop the correct and effective promotion tactics, as well as to determine the goals and objectives that should be solved by SMM promotion.

      What is the cost of SMM promotion?

      The cost of SMM promotion depends on the selected package and the functionality that will be carried out by the SMM specialist.

      Does SMM promotion include targeted advertising?

      The strategy for targeted advertising is prescribed separately with the customer – what goals should be achieved. Therefore, the cost of targeted advertising is paid separately.

      In which languages do you promote?

      Із замовником підписується договір, у якому прописані обов’язки обох сторін.Надаються рахунки та акти виконаних робіт Також враховується обраний пакет SMM послуги, який закріплюється за замовником.

      Are you conducting projects in foreign markets?

      We have experience in conducting international projects with which we are still working. For foreign projects, we often provide advice on methods of promotion, advertising or on technical situations that arise with pages.

      What is the minimum term for maintaining a page?

      The shortest term of maintaining pages in social networks is 6 months. After this period, company employees often learn the field of SMM and start managing pages. Our company remains with the customer on a consulting basis in the future.

      What subjects do you work with?

      We work with various niches – construction, international companies that work for export to Europe, automotive, employment, legal services, retail trade.

      How much do SMM services cost?

      It depends on the duties that the SMM manager will perform. The SMM service may include only the creation and configuration of pages in social networks, or may also include a comprehensive service. Accordingly, the duties and functionality and payment will be different.

      How to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing in social networks?

      Measure performance indicators. It also depends on the goal and strategy of promotion in social networks. Performance indicators can serve as – reach, interaction, number of new subscribers, number of messages, reactions, comments, reposts, number of page visits or transition to the site.

      How can we start cooperation?

      You can leave a request on the website or contact us by phone number +380681331828 or any messenger.

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