Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protect user information

The administration of takes appropriate security measures to store and process the collected data to protect it from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information (username, password, information and data stored on our portal) .

Share personal information

We do not sell, exchange or temporarily transfer users’ personal information. The website collects, processes, stores and uses the personal data of visitors in order to ensure the highest quality and security of information exchange, analysis of information for promotion, personalization and customization of information and advertising products, ensuring correct communication of visitors with the Site and each other. >

By using the Site, the visitor automatically consents to the collection, processing, storage and use of their personal data.

This information may include information about the & rsquo; connection, traffic, date, and duration of the Internet.

Personal data of visitors is collected, processed, stored and used in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine & quot; On Personal Data Protection & quot ;, & quot; On Information & quot ;, & quot; On Advertising & quot ;, & quot; On Telecommunications & quot ;, & quot; Information Protection -Telecommunication Systems & raquo ;, ND TZI 2.5-010-03 & laquo; Requirements for protection of WEB-page information from unauthorized access & raquo ;.

Automatic data collection

Automatically collects data about the date of access to the Site, IP address of the visitor’s computer, type of browser and operating system, duration of work with the Site, transferred files (file name and URL), HTTP response code, website, from which the visitor came to the site, the number of bytes transferred during the session with the Site.

Cookies are stored and used during the operation of the Site, which provide support for security functions and their launch. Visitor information stored and used when revisiting the Site may include the language of the page viewers, the social media information used for authorization, the location, and other information about the page view settings. Cookies also allow you to track violations of the privacy policy and rules of use of the site by visitors.

Make changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time in our sole discretion. In this case, we will publish a message on the main page of our portal and notify users by e-mail. We encourage users to check this page regularly (privacy policy) to be aware of any changes to how we protect the personal information we collect. By using the Site, you agree to assume responsibility for periodic review of and changes to the Privacy Policy.


This privacy policy applies only to our site, when you go to external links to other information resources and pages in social networks, the portal administration is not responsible for the actions of third parties, as well as for information posted on third-party resources.