Module 1: The foundation of social networks.

Module 1: The foundation of social networks.


Module 1. START to SMM.

Master the profession of SMM-specialist, improve your skills. After the intensive you can safely start working with social networks.

This is your chance to master the profession and work remotely.


  • 3:41 Components of SMM Intensive
  • 10:08 Organize a workspace for efficient work.
  • 11:50 Digital environment: which includes each direction and briefly about the benefits
  • 12:18 What is SEM
  • 12:37 What is SEO
  • 13:58 What is PPC
  • 17:45 What is SMO
  • 18:36 What is MMM
  • 19:00 The concept of SMM.
  • 19:18 What is PR, ORM, SERM.
  • 23:20 Strategy and how to find out who your customers are?
  • 30:23 Unique trade offer 33:22 Target audience, author.
  • 35:20 Analysis of competitors on social networks
  • 42:15 SMM skills. How is the price for smm services formed?