Shop-Express – Ukrainian platform for online store

Shop-Express – Ukrainian platform for online store


Shop-Express is a Ukrainian platform for creating online stores that you should take a closer look at right now and here’s why.

Despite the war and the problems associated with it, the e-commerce sphere remains quite dynamic. Selling goods online creates opportunities to earn more and support Ukraine. And in 2022, it is time to use Ukrainian tools for online sales, refusing to use Russian ones.

Shop-Express is a Ukrainian platform for creating and promoting branded online stores. It allows you to quickly create an online store, fill it with goods and quickly launch sales.

Let’s go a little deeper into the details. Let’s look at some important questions:

  • What is a SaaS platform for creating online stores?
  • What features does the Shop-Express platform have?
  • What tools can be used to promote a store on such a platform?
  • Who is suitable for an online store on Shop-Express?
  • What is a Saas platform for an online store?

The abbreviation «SaaS» stands for «software as a service», which translates as «software as a service». So SaaS is a service for solving a specific business problem that is already created and ready for use. SaaS platforms are affordable, do not require significant financial investments immediately, you can pay for an online store with hosting monthly or annually.

Shop-Express works according to this model. You can transparently see the prices for the creation of an online store and pay one of the tariffs to get a ready-made customized online store with hosting, warranty, technical updates and everything you need to create and administer a fully functional online store.

The online store will be created by a professional Shop-Express designer with customization of your brand design based on one of the modern design themes or individually, depending on the tariff you choose.

You do not need to worry about hosting renewal, CMS updates and its security. All this is taken care of by the Shop-Express team.

And now let’s see what features the platform has.

Main features of the platform

  • As on other SaaS platforms, the features available to the user differ, depending on the chosen Shop-Express tariff. Let’s start with the basic functions and features.
  • «Soft» design themes. Regardless of the tariff, design themes are used to create an online store. All of them are flexible, easy to change and customize. If necessary, you can add any of the set of elements and even blocks with third-party code, for example, an e-mail subscription form and others.
  • Convenient creation of goods. Depending on the tariff, the maximum number of products in the catalog of your online store can be from 500 to 50,000.
  • Adaptability. All online stores on Shop-Express have an adaptive design that will be correctly displayed on different types of mobile devices.
  • Multilingualism. Regardless of the tariff, you can add new language versions of the site at any time and translate the content into them. This is especially useful now that more and more Ukrainian sellers are thinking about exporting and entering foreign markets with sales.
  • Integration with payment systems and delivery services. It is possible to quickly set up payment acceptance through the most popular Ukrainian acquiring services and delivery from leading logistics operators.
  • Integration with marketplaces. In all tariffs, except the initial one, the functionality of quick integration of the online store and unloading of goods on Rozetka,, Hotline, is available.
  • Fast integration with Google Shopping. Cloud CMS Shop-Express greatly simplifies the launch of product advertising and all preparatory work.

Full list of CMS features for Shop-Express online store.

How to promote an online store on the Shop-Express platform?

Shop-Express allows you to work effectively with all marketing and advertising tools: SEO. Online stores created on this platform have all the necessary functions for search engine optimization of pages and their indexing by Google.

Advertising on Google. Shop-Express simplifies the launch of product advertising, which brings to your site the most targeted traffic.

Advertising in social networks. Quick integration with Facebook advertising tools makes it very easy to set up an advertising campaign and launch targeted traffic from social networks.

Who is suitable for an online store on Shop-Express?

The functionality of the platform is designed for several categories of businesses:

  • Sellers and manufacturers who already have offline points of sale and want to expand their business representation and sell online as well.
  • Medium-sized businesses that need a convenient online store with a recognizable design and convenient settings, easy ordering.
  • Small business that is just entering the market and needs a quality online store that needs to be launched in a short time.
  • In addition, individual development of an online store with any individual design on the Shop-Express platform is also possible.


Now is the time to use Ukrainian services and digital tools. One of them is the Shop-Express platform, which will provide you with the opportunity to quickly deploy an online store with all the necessary functionality and modern design. And MBR consulting group will take over the promotion of your online store.