What is a content plan and why is it?

What is a content plan and why is it?

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“Why should I write a content plan, if I come up with something to post on the page, there are many topics, ideas – I’ll just waste time.”

Such an attitude will not lead to success. On the contrary, the audience will feel that they are being neglected by offering a written post “on their knees”. And the page will not have high results.

The concept of content plan

A content plan is a pre-written list of post topics for social networks. It is also called – posting schedule, post plan for the month.

The posting schedule should be at least 2 weeks or a month. The task of the content plan is to help the brand be interesting and diverse online (not just sales, product updates or promotions).

If the company has news or other important events – feel free to make adjustments to the content.

The optimal number of topics per month is 10-13, provided that the page was run earlier. It is better to fill the newly created page with 9-10 posts in one or two days. This is because there was no “blank letter” to which you invite users. Next, plan 2 to 4 posts a week.

This method of planning will help to interest users, rather than being intrusive to the audience. It is important to keep the balance, because the daily posting is boring, and the posts will compete with each other in the tape, which will not lead to a good result.

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